Welcome to OUR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, or as we know it: Brews, Bikes, Bullets, Bacon (and Boobs).

Okay we have that out of the way, somehow you landed on our blog page and are wondering whether or not you should read on. Yes! Yes, you should.

At this point, I am sure that most people expect me to say how I have played with the idea of starting a blog for a long time, and I am finally taking the plunge…. But WHO CARES… I never want this to be about what is expected. Besides, let’s get to the name and how we pulled it together.

This whole thing started a few weeks ago in the middle of what can only be described as one of the most sarcastic brainstorming sessions in the history of the world, all done via text. I should mention I have some of the most sarcastic friends in the world, if there is a team competitive sarcasm event please send me the details, I can put together Olympic level talent. This was a  discussion about opening a combination shooting range and greasy spoon, with names like Papa Ronnie’s pizza and Pistols, burgers and blasters, Suzie’s silencers and sweets, King Steve’s Krazy Kutters (zombie weapons and beef jerky) Lyncess’s Loaders and Lasagna; I think you get the idea. Somewhere in this the idea of a blog kicked in, an idea Susan would not let go of. The seed for this blog we watered the only way that made sense – with beer.

Tax day, the weekend after tax day to be exact, a Saturday of pizza and zombie blasting (more about that in upcoming posts), followed by a pour party of Craft beers in Ed and Shelleye’s garage on Sunday. Great conversation mixed with showdowns between some amazing brews. Somewhere around the third showdown, Motorcycles got thrown into the mix; Beer Bikes Bullets and Bacon! I think it may have been the  peanut butter and jelly beer where Boobs got thrown into the mix and it summed things up pretty clearly.

Beer, Bikes, bullets, bacon, and boobs – all the things that sum up my midlife crisis. But here is the great thing, that seed made me realize what had been missing anytime I wanted to start a blog, the opinions of people I trust. This is far from my personal blog, this is a team effort. As we start this, it will reflect the personalities of the people we have put together to write this blog, we are all different, twisted and we know our shit. As for zombies, don’t worry there will be more than a passing reference. Hang on this promises to be one hell of a ride.