Is the Zombie Apocalypse coming soon?

In these crazy times of chaos with the gun violence in metropolitan areas, school shootings (yes, I am a college professor… in Chicago) and all around nutcases on the loose (and running for President), it feels like it is right around the corner. Yes, Our Zombie Apocalypse is a metaphor, but as the song says “the times they are a changin’”.  It has spurred my interest in making a move to the country.  Am I turning into a survivalist? or do I need a self-sustaining hippie commune? Both are starting to sound very appealing.  So when the time comes for the REAL Zombie Apocalypse, I’m gonna be prepared.

As we have started to plan our impending move to the country, we have been noticing more and more dwellings that would work as a zombie bunker for the apocalypse…. Or one can Zombie Fortify their current dwelling! (instructions below)

There are a few formats we will explore: Walled, Underground, Tower and Water


  1. Currently for sale in Virginia this luxury home buried on 3 sides, only $550,000 – a little out of my price range, and you would need to build a wall… IS5i1j7ywfh9s70000000000
  2. This underground beauty is also currently available for sale in North Carolina for a bargain price of $325,000 – not only is this appropriate for the Zombie Apocalypse, but also for Hobbits!

    3. Or, you could plan to build in a cave, like this modern house in Festus, Missouri, built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper complete with geothermal heating, eliminating the need for HVAC year round. So when the power fails in the apocalypse, you’ll stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer!festus-01

    There are many examples of underground homes all over the world… to see more by Inhabitat, click here.


Our next adventure takes us to the water.  Zombies can’t swim, right?  Right???? Well, if you watch Fear the Walking Dead, there may be an argument here, but hey, this is OUR Zombie Apocalypse.

4. This floating House is designed by Dymitr Malcew for French developer H2ORIZON.  The only downfall I see here is the lack of high speed movement in an emergency.  What more could you want, a beautiful view that if you tire of it… move on to the next!Floating-House-Dymitr-Malcew_1-1024x607

5. Located in Queensland, Australia, the Stamp House appears to be a space ship floating on the water. The house actually sits on a small piece of land in the middle of the body of water and has a long walkway as its only point of entrance (easily defend-able!). The house is also designed to withstand a category-five hurricane. Source: Gizmag



There are more examples of floating homes at the Huffington Post.
If you are interested in building your OWN floating home… click here for more information from Dwell!


Well, if you are a child of the light and underground does not appeal to you, and you get seasick, try building to the sky!  Here are some Tower style Zombie proofish places you may find desirable.

6. This lovely 3 bedroom/ 2 bath home just went off the market in Tennessee, so I won’t link to it (we don’t want to bother the new owners!), but the lovely home is one of the first to inspire me with the concept of the tower home.  The first floor has no windows and can be easily fortified, leaving you the second floor for the views and the safety from wandering zombies while you BBQ… ISly80kfq4j1yd0000000000

7. The Tower house, built by the firm Gluck+ as a vacation home in New York state takes living to a whole new height.  Watch their video for the insight into their green vision.  Glass may not be the best choice in the Zombie Apocalypse, but hey, it’s pretty… and you can make faces at the Zombies while they try to eat you as a past-time when you’re bored (you know, there won’t be any Amazon Video!)


8. Or we can take it to the sky with this tower home built by Marlon Blackwell. SOURCE: dornob



So, of course, if you are a Walking Dead fan, you’re probably asking, so where are the walls?  Below are some of the best walls I’ve ever seen.  Sexy walls!

9. This house is called the Warsaw Safe House located in Warsaw, Poland.  The walls are 45 cm thick and they slide closed to create a solid box.  Watch the Video to see the walls in action!

10.  This fortified home made of concrete blends into the natural landscape in the Chilean outback. Martin Hurtado Architects designed this amazing contemporary concrete house that I’m sure will keep the zombies out nicely… and probably the bears too. SOURCE: Phong Homefundo-izaro-chile-4fundo-izaro-chile-1


Not a bad selection to stave off the zombies…. but what guarantees do I have?  Who will be around to make good on those guarantees?  Well, Tiger Log Cabins offers a Zombie Proof Cabin kit for only £69,995.00… or $99,924.72 with a 10 year Anti-Zombie Guarantee!


Decisions, Decisions!! There are a lot of solutions out there that do not include a derelict building and hoping you sealed all the ground floor windows. You can always stick to your current place and zombie proof it.  Check out Guns&Ammo or Before it’s News for some tips on how to fortify your home. But for me I will take a place with a view, an easily protected approach, and a huge supply of really good beer. That’s My Zombie Apocalypse tell us about yours in the comments.


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