It’s summer: cookouts, fireworks, taking the Harley out… well, just because. All the things that make summer great, but still I feel something is missing. A gap that keeps me awake at night. I miss The Walking Dead.

Ever since the season finale, I have tried not to think about who will be off the show next season. Sure, Fear the Walking Dead helped a bit, but now I am strangely longing for October. I guess it makes sense not to be around zombies in summer, after all imagine a horde of zombies who have been baking in the August sun for a few weeks. The smell alone would be an early warning system for survivors, “Oh look , Ron just started bazooka vomiting, must be a really big pack nearby. Maybe we should go around the other way!”  Still I gotta get my zombie fix somehow, and here are a few ideas:

  1. BINGE WATCH – Yeah, I work from home most of the time, it allows me to binge out on shows. Pick your poison: Netflix, DVD, or On Demand there are so many ways to hit your favorite shows/episodes, or just go on a zombie watching spree of every movie Netflix has to offer. Personally, rewatching Evil Dead and Ash Vs. Evil Dead helped me through a particularly tough Tuesday.
  2. BINGE READ – So many zombie books out there and sooooo many in Ebook form (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT – check out contributor Ian Page’s Sanctuary: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller on Amazon). Or you could pretty much kill the rest of July and august reading TWD, or the Evil Dead Comics to get your geek on.
  3. RANGE TIME – I personally like to hit the range and blast zombies, one in the chest to knock them back, one in the head to take them out. Zombie Targets make it just a little bit more fun for the friends and family. Range time not only helps to relieve stress, it also allows you practice for when the zombies come calling. There are a wide array of Targets, these are from YKY Limited (Yessss.. a second shameless plug… YIPPIE KI YAY…).

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    4. ZOMBIE PARTY – Okay so it may not have to be a zombie party, but get a few fans together, get some beer and your summer pool party turns into “WHO DID NEGAN KILL?”. Speculate and anticipate in a summer setting.

Last I have to give a shout out to the site that inspired this post: Playing with this great little web page generated our feature image and wasted about 20 minutes of my time. Add what you are doing this summer in the comments!oza