The Walking Dead.  Some are obsessed with this amazing look at post-apocalyptic zombie life… me included. I also love to shop!  These are my must haves to get myself ready for Season 7!  October 23rd can’t come fast enough!

For all you Daryl fans out there, how about this lovely crossbow charm bracelet? Only $7.89 at Amazon

Binge Watching


The walking Dead pajama pants! Spend the day in TWD pajamas while binge watching the last 6 seasons! (oh, the couch potatoness of it all!) $21-$29
Or curl up in your zombie robe “Don’t Open Dead Inside” or Rick uniform from $29.99


 Back to School


611WYKZbomL._SL1005_Okay, back to Daryl for a minute…I must have this messenger tote with Daryl’s angel wings! How cool would this be for back to school?! $65.96 from Amazon, and there were only 15 left last I looked! (update: now there is only 5!)


And speaking of back to school… how about an industrial size pudding can lunch tote?! No one will mistake YOUR lunch in the fridge at work! On sale for $16.00

Probably, not the best thing for the kiddos…. backpack from $30.00

Viewing Party


Many of you, me included will be going to or hosting a TWD viewing party!  This would be a fun icebreaker or time-killer while waiting for the show to start! $33.75

And make “killer” ice cubes for the cocktails! $4.99

Next bake a zombie horde of cupcakes and top them with these great edible cupcake toppers for the party! Personalizable from $2.50       610rTD-943L._SX522_

For the beer drinkers, TWD pint glasses, $25.95

And those who want to play drinking games during the show, shot glasses for $12.99

 And don’t forget the zombie patio lights! A must have for any party! From $26.59

The Morning After the Viewing Party


Yeah, don’t fool yourselves, you’re gonna be hungover… even just emotionally.  How about a few of these to soothe the pain:

Have you found a must have product? Please let me know in the comments below and happy TWD watching!!!