For anyone looking to beat the summer heat… winter just arrived early.

What lurks just out of sight behind the swirling veil of flakes? As the world falls silent under a thick blanket of snow and ice, survivors huddle down and pray for a thaw, wondering “was that noise the wind or something else?” Survival means something different for everyone and Snowpocalypse: Tales of the End of the World highlights 17 different authors take on a winter that will not end.

Clint Collins and Scott Woodward at Black Mirror Press have worked hard to compile a selection of tales that will enthrall readers, especially any of us who have endured a hard winter.Under a unifying theme, Snowpocalypse presents stories that individually could be classified under a number of genres but as an anthology powerfully defies a simple classification. Each tale appealed to me on a different level, but everyone of them touched on some memory of winters past and …. I hate to say it…. forced a shiver down my spine as I related to those stories on a very personal level. I can’t really go into a full review as I was involved in the project as the cover artist, so I will spare you that bias, but having such great material to work with made developing the cover easy.

Snowpocalypse: Tales of the End of the world is available at Amazon, and I encourage everyone to support independent publishers as they expand our literary horizons.